Transform Wood into Projects

At Goodfellow, we are "The Wood Specialists". Our ability to adapt to custumer needs has earned us a reputation as one ot the best wood products distributors. Our expertise and flexibility have resulted in solid working relationships withour customers.  Goodfellow has built the resources necessary to deliver a quality products that meets our customers needs.

Processing lumber requires skills and technologies which are constantlyevolving.  "Just in Time" distribution plays a major role in themanagement of Goodfellow's operations. It allows our customers forreduction of their inventories and investment at all levels. This ispossible because Goodfellow is well located, has access to qualified humanresources, on site intermodal facilities, large warehousing capabilities,reliable suppliers and a private fleet of trucks allowing just-in-timedelivery. "Just in Time" establishes a new working relationship with our customers and suppliers. This concept of distribution truly does work. Our success and our customers evident satisfaction are proof of this.

At Goodfellow, we involve ourselves in our customers operations. Our specialists anticipate their needs and innovate with them, integrating their requirements into our material purchasing and processing plans. This guarantees that Goodfellow alwayshas the products that customers require and the quantities they need. Goodfellow is well located to meets market demands in the wood industry at home and abroad.

At Goodfellow every stage ofprocessing raw wood into lumber is strictly controlled.  Selection,drying, processing, pressure treating, packaging and delivery.  We monitorevery phase to meet our customers needs.  Goodfellow acts also aswholesaler or broker for a complete randge of wood products.  Thecombination of our financial strength, our technical expertise, and ourcapability in stock managements within the chain of supply allows us toefficiently meet the exacting demands of our customers management team.

Our belief in a workingpartnership with our customers is not limited to the supply of our products. Inall aspects of the lumber industry, Goodfellow's specialists are involved infinding solutions, new products, training, developing new customers andpromoting all products we transform or distribute.

For Goodfellow, a businesspartnership must be more than simply one between a customer and a supplier.This is because our role is not merely to fill an order, but to find solutions.We acknowledge how crucial it is for a customer to deal with specialists whosefield of expertise are their products and use.

That is why our sales teamsare all specialists in our comprehensive range of products. This guaranteesthat our customers receive the best service and the best product for theirneeds. Our specialists are well-trained in finding solutions, following trendsin the marketplace and most technologies. At Goodfellow, this expertise is keyto the proactive approach we take in our customer relations. Strategic locationcombined to a qualified labor force gives Goodfellow a leading hedge in hisindustry.

GOODFELLOW INC. is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner.  To acheive this goal,we implemented an environmental policy throughout our organization.

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