Zinda Canada, Food Innovation Leader

Zinda Products Canada, the sole couscous manufacturer in Canada, ranks among the best companies in the world working in this sector.  Our mission: to be a world leader in producing and supplying couscous to retail, food service and industrial customers by providing excellent service,high-quality and innovative products.  Zinda couscous is a natural, convenient and versatile base for a good nutritional meal. Zinda Products are available at these major Canadian food retailers : Loblaws, IGA (franchise-only), Maxi, Adonis, Intermarché. Zinda Products are also exported to major markets in the US such as Illinois, California, New York and Michigan. Zinda Products are now available in Saudi Arabia.

Our experienced and committed personnel use state-of-the-art technology and the best North American durum semolina to produce the highest quality couscous available on the market today.  Our innovative research and development department, the driving force behind Zinda, has allowed and our company to become a leader in introducing new products and ideas to the market.

We take pride in our customer-focused goals, in being socially responsible and in our efforts to continuously raise our standards for customer service.  We use a total quality management system.  Zinda couscous meets the highest standards of hygiene and undergoes strict quality control from beginning to end of each production providing our customers with exceptional and unique products.

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