Competitive Advantage


Financial indicators

The Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”) distinguished as itself as an Administrative Region by the importance of exports, capital expenditures as well as operating and labour costs and low tax rates for businesses.

Operating costs:

The Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”) is part of the greater Montreal region which, compared with the twenty largest metropolitan areas in North America, is classified at the forefront (according to the rapport de Montréal International d’indice d’attractivité 2009-2010)  in relation to:

  • the lowest operating costs for business;
  • the lowest cost for office and industrial space;
  • the most competitive tax rate in North America.

The cost of labour in Greater Montreal is lower than any other North-American big city and the Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”) benefits from an additional advantage of almost 10 %.


The dynamic nature of businesses in the Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”) was revealed by investments of 1,4 billion dollars in construction, machinery and equipment, in 2013.

Financial advantages offered by the RMC and CLD:

The Centres Locaux de Développement (CLD) (Local Development Centres) of the Regional Municipal Counties (MRC) in the Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”) offer support to contractors and investors to help them establish and grow within the territory. In addition, each CLD operate with accelerated decision making and manage financial aid funds adapted to local realities to: 

  • create and support viable companies;
  • finance the start up and expansion of companies;
  • support employment development;
  • contribute to the economic development of the RMC.

At the RMC level, incentives to investors like investment funds, a low tax rate and property tax credit incentives.