Business Opportunities

Roussillon County

The Roussillon County benefits from being close to Montreal and the United States offering industry and businesses both developmental and expansion opportunities. The companies present in the County enjoy spaces available for development or adaptation of their industrial and commercial activities, while being supported by transportation and logistical support. Highways 15 and 30, combined with the rail networks and seaways provide a favourable position to Roussillon industries and businesses.

Transportation and logistics

The geographical location of the Roussillon enables them to benefit from the services of several transportation systems that contribute to its development. First of all, the County has the Sainte-Catherine Harbour infrastructure within its territory.

Its seaway network also includes a corridor to the Port of Montreal, an unquestionable advantage for industry and businesses. The road network includes Highways 30, 15, 10 and route 132 allowing a direct link to Montreal and the United States, including the New York market. The CN, CP and CSX railway lines create an advantageous solution for those within the Roussillon location.

The completion of highway 30 will improve the strategic positioning of the Roussillon territory as a competitor of the Island of Montreal for the passage of goods through the East-West Continental Gateway as well as the North-South Quebec - New York trade corridor.

Industrial activity

In addition to 6 industrial parks, this location offers very interesting possibilities for industrial development. It also has two industrial parks characterized by their varied infrastructure and is favourable for logistical development:

  • The Sainte -Catherine industrial park: includes the Sainte -Catherine Port, the CP railway line, access to Highway 30, route 132 and the Mercier Bridge towards Montreal.
  • The municipality of Delson: at the crossroads of Highways 30 and 15 towards the United States, this area is served by the CP and CN railway lines, a corridor leading to the Port of Montreal and the American East coast.

Also, the industrial hub offers more than 12.5 Millions sq ft of vacant land for new industries eager to grow from multiple transportation systems and intermodality possibilities. These regions benefit from transportation corridors leading to the Port in Sainte-Catherine and the Port of Montreal.

  • Saint-Constant and Candiac: Share the same advantages as the municipality of Delson, favourable position to serve Montreal and the United States.
  • La Prairie and Châteauguay: at the edge of Highway 30 and served by CN. The zone has access to the Ontario market while also being very well positioned to serve Montreal and the United States.

Here are somme examples of available site:


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