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Sports and outdoor fans will find a paradise in the Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”). Golf courses and bicycle trails, running tracks in nature and water sports, the territory offers green spaces and infrastructure that will be able to satisfy the needs of sportspersons of any age, from beginner to expert. The diverse sporting services makes it possible to entertain everyone in the Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”), and answers every taste.

The “Hub-30” has the infrastructure supporting favourite sports and leisure activities. There are local associations that support hockey, soccer, football, etc leagues. Several public swimming pools, tennis courts and green spaces are offered to all. No less than 24 public and semi-private golf courses are found in the “Hub-30”.

The bicycle trails:

The bicycle network offers 288 km of trails, mainly on tracks, including a 35 km section of the Route verte and 33 cycling trails and routes on the highway network.

Source: http://www.mtq.gouv.qc.ca/portal/.../regions/monteregie_est/plan_annexe_carto.pdf (page 32)

Pedestrian walkway:

The Pedestrian walkway is a 194 km trail that passes by orchards, wine vineyards, cider-houses and maple-syrup farms as well as local arts and crafts workshops, highlighting the diversity and heritage of the Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”).

Water sports:

The Saint-François lakeshore offers several water activities, connecting Quebec to Ontario and the United States by way of the St-Laurence River corridor.

List of the 24 public and semi-private golf courses:


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