Welcome to the Conférence Régionale des Élus of the Haut-St-Laurent Valley (CRÉ VHSL) “Hub-30” Portal. This portal is intended to provide rapid and complete access to all information about competitive and sustainable positioning of the Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”).

This territory is one of most important catalysts for sustainable regional development in Quebec. It possesses the most dynamic continental gateway in North America with harbour, railway or roadway access, our service roads are modern and many.

The territorial organization abounds in urban and economic initiatives, state of the art intermodal logistics and connections, and a base of skilled labour in a Community environment, and a concern for the wellbeing of all its citizens, corporate or private.

The Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”) and its organization is the privileged representative to the Québéc government on its territory. The “Hub-30” includes the Roussillon, Jardins-de-Napierville, Haut-Saint-Laurent, Beauharnois-Salaberry and Vaudreuil-Soulanges Regional Municipal County (RMC).

It also includes the Native communities of Kahnawake and Akwesasne. The “Hub-30” is under the direction of CRÉ VHSL, which is one of the three conférences régionales des élus belonging to the administrative area of Montérégie.

We invite potential investors, regional contractors, developers, stakeholders, partners and citizens of the area to look through the multitude of information available on this Gateway. Discover what distinguishes the Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”) as an important logistic pole in the supply chain, transportation and distribution fields.

The Haut Saint-Laurent Valley, located in the Southern region below Montreal, is a gateway towards the competitive advantages of an immense import and export market. In particular, the border station of Saint-Bernard-de Lacolle is the least busy of the three portals to the New York market. The Haut-Saint-Laurent Valley territory (the “Hub-30”) from all his possibilities of logistic access is an ideal place for added-value logistics activities.